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Snyder's Sewing Center

Westalee Ruler Workshop - Beginner


Join Adele Scott (promoted instructor for Sew Steady/Westalee Rulers) for Easy Free-Motion! After a few basics to get everyone started, then the fun begins! It's like bowling with "bumpers", the rulers keep you on track as you create many classic designs. Hundreds of templates available from feathers to circles to great border designs. We all can quilt like the pros!

Basics from attaching your ruler foot, adjusting it for proper height and set-up tips and recommended products. Then we explore some of the different patterns available with your Westalee Sampler Set! Leave with a confidence and knowledge base to start quilting real quilts without the hours of practice!
Skill Level:
Materials Included:
A sewing machine in good working order (don't forget your foot control and power cord!). Operating knowledge of your sewing machine.

Westalee Ruler Workshop - Beginner

$ 75.00